Amigurumi Gnome Free Pattern

Designer: Natalia Perezhegina | Instagram: @natti_toys

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One of the free amigurumi crochet patterns we will share today is the amigurumi gnome, whose photos and design belong to @natti_toys. You can learn how to crochet these gnome using the free amigurumi pattern. Thanks to Natalia Perezhegina for this cute gnome.

If you don’t know how to often crochet and needles, read our shares. Start your knitting according to the rate you have according to the shape you will make. Shape your toy by increasing and decreasing the point. Once you weave the shape you want to fill the inside of your toy and look at the pictures to decorate.
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1. YarnAlizeBella 100% cotton 180мm/50 g. Grey and red colors~30g. 
2. Crochet hook №1,5  
3. Yarn «IRIS» «Gamma» beige color, the crochet hook №1 (for nose)
4. Textured yarn “Soft” (for the edge of mittens) -5 g, needle
5. Thin cotton thread in a contrasting color (for the marker of the beginning of the row) 
6. Strong threads to match the yarn (for cap sewing). 
7. Wool for felting (combed ribbon) of white color for beard 
8. Needle for felting No. 38 “star” or sewing thread. 
9. Filler 
10. Metal granulate (for the stability of the toy) 
11. A small piece of cardboard, glue 
12. Decorations for the cap (optional) 


sc-single crochet 
MR-magic ring 
Dec – decrease (crochet 2 sc together) 
inc-increase (crochet 2 sc into the 1 loop of the previous row)
OfL- offset loop 
b/l-crochet for the back loop 
=… – number of sc in row 

*Size of the gnome is about 12 cm


Legs (boots) (make 2) 

Crochet with the red color 
1row- 5sc in to MR 
2row- 5 inc=10 
3row- (inc,4sc)*2=12 
4-6rows- 12sc (3 rows) Fill the detail, but not tight

7row-Fold the part in half and crochet 6sc for both walls = 6 Cut the thread, fix and hide it. 

Arms (make 2) 

We start crocheting mittens (red)
We crochet the thumb at first
1row- 5sc in MR
2row- 5sc.
Cut the thread. (We will crochet the thumb to the mitten later) We crochet the second one in the same way

We crochet a mitten in red color. The marker goes to the side of the detail.
1row- 5sc in MR
2row- inc,2sc,inc,1sc=7
3row- inc,2sc,inc,3sc=9
In4th and5th rows we crochet the thumb
4row-4sc,1sc together with the thumb,4 sc=9

5row-3sc,dec(crochet 1sc ofthemittenand1scof the thumb  together),2scon the thumb, dec (crochet 1sc of the mitten and 1sc of  the thumb together), 3sc=10 

Change red thread to the grey.
7row-crochet b/l-10sc

In the 7th row for the left loops, fasten the white thread “Softy”. Sew with a  textured yarn needle through the remaining loops on row 7. Repeat in the  opposite direction. Cut the thread, hide.

8-13row- 10sc (6 rows)

14row-Fold the arm in half, crochet 5sc on both sides of the loop = 5

We don’t fill up arms.


Yarn «Iris» «Gamma» beige color, the crochet hook №1. 
The yarn for crocheting the nose should be thinner in 2 times than  the base yarn. 
1row- 6sc in MR 
2row- 6inc=12 

3row- (inc,1sc)*6=18 
4row -(2sc,inc)*6=24  
5-7row -24 sc(3rows)  
8 row-(2 sc,dec)*6=18  
9 row-(2 sc,dec)*6=12  
Cut the thread. Fill up the nose with filler. 

Body and Head 

We knit the part from the bottom up. The marker goes down the middle of the back. We follow the marker, align, crocheting offset loops (Ofl). 
With grey color: 
1row- 6sc in MR or 2 ch, 6sc into the 2nd loop from the crochet hook = 6
2row- 6inc=12 
3row- (1sc,inc)*6 =18 
4row- 1sc,inc,(2sc,inc)*5,1sc=24 
5row-(3sc,inc)*6= 30 
6row- 2sc,inc, (4sc,inc)*5, 2sc=36  

In the next row we crochet the legs. We crochet the entire 8th row  behind the back wall of the loop 
8row- 13sc,6sc with the leg together, 4sc,6sc with the second leg together,  13sc =42  

Cut a circle out of cardboard that is smaller in diameter than the base of the  dwarf. Try it on.

9-10row- 42sc  
After 10 row glue the circle.

11-22row- 42sc (12rows) 
In the next row we crochet arms: 
23row- 7sc, 5 sc together with the arm,18sc,5sc together with the second  arm,7sc=42 

25-26row-36sc (2 rows) 
28-29row- 30sc (2 rows)
Add weighting agent. Fill up the body with filler.

Add the filler 
Cut the thread, pull off the loops. Hide the tip of the thread.


We do not follow the marker. We crochet in red. 
1row- 6sc in MR = 6 
3row- (inc,1sc)*3=9 
4-5row-9sc (2 rows) 
7-8rows-12sc (2 rows) 
10-11rows-15sc (2 rows) 
13-14row-18sc (2 rows) 
16-17rows-21sc (2 rows) 
19-20 rows-24sc (2 rows) 
22-23rows-30sc (2 rows) 
25-27rows-36sc (3rows) 
29-31row-42sc (3rows) 
33-35rows-48sc (3rows) Cut the thread and hide it.


Roll or sew felting wool to the body in about 27 rows.

Carefully comb the beard and style. Sew on the nose.

Put on a cap, sew on to the body. 

Decorate the cap to your taste if you wish.

Congratulations, your gnome is ready. 
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