Amigurumi Cute Dinosaur Free Pattern

Designer: @vivir_vintage

Hi there...

One of the free amigurumi crochet patterns we will share today is the amigurumi dinosaur Bella, whose photos and design belong to @vivir_vintage. You can learn how to crochet these dinosaur using the free amigurumi pattern. Thanks to Karla for this cute dinosaur.

Below you will find some information about this pattern. Remember, if you have any problems, you can write to us and ask for help. Have fun…

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2.50 gauge aqua, yellow and coral cotton yarn
Fiberfill stuffing Black embroidery thread White cotton yarn
8 mm safety eyes 3.5 mm crochet hook
Scissors Tapestry Needle Embroidery needle
Stitch marker


SC: Single Crochet
INC: Increase DEC: Decrease
CH: Chain SLST: Slip Stitch HDC: Half Double Crochet
DC: Double Crochet



In 2,5 gauge Aqua cotton yarn
R1) 6 SC in MR. (6)
R2) Inc. Repeat 6 times. (12)
R3) SC, INC. Repeat 6 times. (18)
R4 2 SC, INC. Repeat 6 times. (24)

R5) 3 SC, INC. Repeat 6 times. (30)
R6-8) SC in all 30 stitches. (30)
R9 9 sc. (sc, inc x 6 9 sc. (36)
R10) SC in all 36 stitches. (36)

R11 12 SC (SC, INC X 6 12 SC. (42)
R12) sc in all 42 stitches. (42)
R13) 15 sc (sc, inc X 6) 15 SC. (48)
R14-19) Sc in all 48 stitches. (48)
Place safety eyes between rounds 10 and 11.

R20) 12 sc, 12 dec, 12 sc. (36)
R21) 6 sc, 12 dec, 6 sc. (24)
Stuff with a little bit of fiberfill.
R22) Dec. Repeat 12 times. (12)
Stuff with a little bit more of fiberfill.
R23) BACK LOOP ONLY: Dec. Repeat 6 times. (6)
With tapestry needle close last 6 stitches.
Hide thread.


2.5 gauge aqua cotton yarn
Start at the FRONT LOOP of round 23 of the head
R23) FLO: Sc in all 12 stitches (12)
R24-31 SC in all 12 stitches. (12)
R32) 3 inc, 9 sc. (15)
R33) 6 inc, 9 sc. (21)

R34) (1 sc, 1 inc. Repeat 6 times), 9 sc. (27)
R35) (2 sc, 1 inc. Repeat 6 times), 9 sc. (33)
R36) (3 sc, 1 inc. Repeat 6 times), 9 sc. (39)
R37) (9 sc, 1 inc. Repeat 3 times), 9 sc. (42,
R38 – 51) SC in all 42 stitches. (42)

Stuff neck with fiberfill stuffing.
R52) 5 sc, 1 dec. Repeat 6 times. (36)
R53) 4 SC, 1 dec. Repeat 6 times. (30)
R54) 3 sc, 1 dec. Repeat 6 times. (24)

Stuff body with Fiberfill stuffing.
R55) 2 sc, 1 dec. Repeat 6 times. (18)
R56 1sc, 1 dec. Repeat 6 times. (12)
R57) Dec. Repeat 6 times. 6)
Close last 6 stitches with tapestry needle and hide thread.


2.5 gauge Coral cotton yarn
Do this part after crocheting body over head and sewing tail to body.
Crochet a vertical line of SC From the tip of the tail to the top center of the head.
At the end of the line, chain 1 and turn.

From 3rd CH from hook: HDC, DC, HDC in first stitch. SLST in second stitch, SLST in third stitch. Repeat this sequence throughout the vertical line.
Finish with SLST.
Hide threads.


2.5 gauge aqua cotton yarn
R15 SC in MR. (5)
R2) Sc in all 5 stitches. (5)
R3) Inc. Repeat 5 times. (10)
R4) SC in all 10 stitches. (10)
R5 Sc, Inc. Repeat 5 times (15)

R6-7) SC in all 15 stitches. (15)
R8) 2 sc, 1 inc. Repeat 5 times. (20)
R9-10) SC in all 20 stitches. (20)
R11 3 sc, 1 inc. Repeat 5 times. (25)
R12) SC in all 25 stitches. (25)
Fasten off and leave tail for sewing.
Stuff tail witl Fiberfill.

Legs (X4):

2.5 gauge yellow cotton yarn
R1) Am of 6 points. (6)
R2) 6 inc. (12)
R3) Through the back loop: 1 sc through each base stitch. (12)
Change the color to aqua green.

R4) Through the back loop: 1 dec, 10 sc. (eleven)
R5) 1 sc for each base point. (eleven)
R6) 1 dec, 9 sc. (10)
R7) 1 sc for each base point. (10)
Fasten off and leave thread for sewing.
Stuff with fiberfill.


If you use safety eyes, embroider light eye with 6-strand white cotton yarn and embroider eyebrows with black embroidery thread. If you do not use safety eyes, embroider eyes as seen in photo tutorial using black and white embroidery thread and aqua cotton yarn.

Sew tail on the lower side of the body. Between rounds 43 and 52 of the body.
Sew legs at the bottom of the body. Between rounds 53 and 57.

Sew spots where you like the most. I opted to do it in the front, right part of the body.
“Remember that on my YouTube channel you have the complete video tutorial where you will learn how to crochet this dinosaur.”

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